Friday, 2 June 2017

Crazy hair day

at our school today is is crazy hair day and mufti day.
the reason we are having a mufti day is because  we are fundraising for our green team so that they can get a water filter. this photo is of one of my classmates who has a doughnut on a plate in her hair. thanks for reading see you next time


  1. Hi, it Jasmine from Waikowhai Primary School I am in Hauraki in Te Waka Ako Brody I can't believe that some one had a doughnut on a plate in their hair. What did you do with your hair? Hope the green team put the water filter in. Have a look at my blog .

  2. Hi, my name is Rangimarie I go to Tautoro school.It is amazing that somebody would put a doughnut on a plate in their hair. I saw in your writing that you had full stops but no capital letters. Other than that nice work. I wonder what you put in your hair?

  3. Hi, My Name is Joseph and WOW! your hair is so CRAZY! Your hair is really crazy but in your writing you could work on your capital letters, Full stops and more. But in conclusion Great Work!
    Keep on Improving!

  4. Hey My name is Courtney and I just love the way how your hair is. It is really crazy and a well done decoration. You could work on your capitals, full stops and proof reading.

    Great work, keep it up

    1. thanks i wish it was my hair lol

  5. Kia Ora Brody, My name is Bruno and I'm a student at Waikowhai Primary School in Te Waka Ako. I really like your blog post about a crazy hair day you had. Your hair looked really crazy. It made me think of when our school had book week and I dressed up as a creepy clown and had to were a green clown wig. Maybe next time you could put a little bit more writing. If you would like to check out my blog here is the link Bye for now.