Friday, 28 July 2017


Our Topic Is land Sea And Sky, Spiders Was Are Topic In Room 4 In.This Slideshow Is Body parts Of The Spider Such as The spinneret. Did You Know the proper name for web is silk. I made This in my group the 3 directors.


  1. Hey Brody,
    Great seeing you posting on your blog. I liked looking at your interesting pictures you have drawn about the spiders awesome drawing!
    Keep up the Great Work!

    Kind Regards,

  2. Hey Brody,
    Great slide about the spiders on your blog. I like your interesting pictures about spiders.
    Keep up the Awesome Work

  3. Hello, my name is Sam. I am at Waikowhai Primary School. This is very interesting. Half of this stuff I didn't know. It was interesting to see where their body parts go. Their brain looks really weird.
    I better go now! If you would like to go and see my blog go to Bye thanks!