Monday, 7 August 2017

3D printing magazines

this is my 3D creartion tell how you like it in the comments and anything i could improve


  1. Hi Brody, thanks for sharing your 3D design on your blog. I can read 'hi' on it. Can you explain your design and what you would use it for when printed out.

  2. Hi Brody,
    I am Caroline. I am a year 8 currently attending to St Pius X Catholic School. I really like the way your displaying that piece of art. I think next you should put more detail into it! Keep the blogging up!!

    Your local commenter ( Caroline )

  3. Hi Brody, my name is James from Te Waka Ako, Waikowhai Primary school.I like you made a 3D printing. I can't read 'hi' on it. Next time you could write more about how to 3D print out from tinkercad. Otherwise keep the work up.check out my blog